Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing… layout, processes, and procedures.

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Klavs Skujins

CEO. Promoter, spokesman - these are the words that characterize me as MKSMART lifestyle supporter, inviter and team leader. With almost a decade of experience in IT industry I've noticed that a lot of systems are not being used because the user hasn't previously understood what solution is needed. To lessen occurrence of such cases, I'm learning to intertwine these two opposite worlds - client wishes and developer visions.

CTO, software engineer, architect and developer In some way a dreamer. Still believing I am just a beginner in software engineering despite almost 10 year experience in business systems, webpages, applications, mobile development and planning. I am throwing myself willingly at the most difficult information technology problems and spend seamless hours reading, searching and exploring every little thing there is to be found about specific scope. There is never one right answer – some methods are just better and some takes extra input, but in the end the main target is – GET IT DONE. Still searching for holy grail, and will proceed as long as it takes: Strive For Greatness

Martins Jansevskis

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